Software Asset Management is a resource deficit discipline. Therefore, knowledge management within SAM is a vital component required to underpin any long-term SAM success.

We have been training IT (and non-IT) personnel for over 11 years, keeping pace with the trends and improvements that the IT discipline has demanded.

Software Asset Management training provides in-depth knowledge of the following aspects:

SAM Charter Training:

All of our courses are ISO 19770-1: 2017 aligned so that when a student leaves the classroom, they are fully versed in what good looks like.

At SAM Charter Limited in the UK, we offer practical and structured two-day ITAM courses, with several exercises built-in so that students do not suffer the “death by PowerPoint” experience offered by so many.

Wherever possible, we correlate real-life examples of how poor practice resulted in other organisations having to re-vamp their SAM efforts – and at the same time, we trumpet those organisations that have done well with SAM, so that our students are suitably educated with real-world examples of the steps they need to take next not just to cement their careers, but to drive SAM higher in their own companies.

Courses can be delivered online, or in-person – and can be made to fit around the organisation’s SAM educational requirements. Email for more details.

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