ISO 19770-1 was first published in 2006 and borrowed heavily from a maturing Service Management discipline that was also finding its feet at the time. Fast-forward six years, and the 2012 edition provided substantial content on what to achieve with the SAM discipline in respect of ascending a SAM maturity curve, although it was still shackled to its Service Management roots.

With the major overhaul that took place in 2017, ISO 19770-1 can proudly stand on its own two feet and enjoy a status of “Management System Standard” – which makes alignment to ISO 20000 (Service Management), ISO 27001 (Information Security) and ISO 9001 (Quality Assurance) a much more achievable goal.

However, what we gained in 2017, we lost (somewhat) in 2012 – no longer does the Standard advocate specific activities required to mature your processes, you have to achieve this yourself – as much because the Standard stipulates that you have to empower any ITAM initiative with the Business & IT drivers that spawn your SAM/ ITAM processes.

SAM Charter Limited is ideally placed to ease out the Business & IT goals in the UK and then shape the required processes to support the business in the right direction as they wish to go.

Aligned to a PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) approach of continuous improvement, ISO 19770-1: 2017 should be the god-spark of any ITAM initiative.

Closely aligned to ISO 19770-1: 2017, the SAM Charter Process Kit seeks to give you a running head-start on creating and adopting those required processes. Out of the box, instances use ARIS as a modelling framework, which has been placed into MS Visio to enable customisation: either by your own organisation, or by SAM Charter through consultancy. And for a limited time, our SAM Process Kit also includes a SAM Process Kit for greater customer satisfaction.

Case Study:

I met with a client from some years ago to hear how they were getting on since we designed some SAM processes for them. I enquired whether they did anything with the work we had done (my biggest fear is that someone might just stare at the workflows like pretty pictures and do nothing with them).

Not only had they taken those processes and the supporting RACI chart and implemented them, but they plugged SAM into the benefits available to ITSM. The client in question then got offered ownership of several aspects of ITSM (including Change, Config Management, Release and IT Requisition) and is being considered for further promotion.

12 months ladies and gentlemen!! Think about it: Someone took the bones of the SAM Charter Process Kit, engaged us in 45 days of process-design consultancy and is progressing very nicely along a senior management career path.

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