Software Asset Management is the infrastructure which is used for effective management, control and protection of software assets throughout all stages of their life cycle. SAM Consultant is that part of IT asset management that ensures every organisation complies with license agreements and does not overspend on software.

Managing your licenses can be a tricky business. Licenses are not just restricted to software; hardware can also come with a lot of ‘license-able’ functions. Getting your head around licensing is in itself a challenge and for anyone involved in SAM, the challenge can never be underestimated. SAM is a way of bringing order to chaos by centralising all your license assets all under one roof.

Well Done SAM, now we can deliver the following benefits throughout the UK:

  • Your bottom line is impacted by managing your software. If you understand how your software is being used (or not being used) you can avoid extra costs and become more competent in the use of your software licenses.
  • You can better manage your risks by knowing which software products are vendor-supported and those which can be supported by 3rd parties, or even run at risk.
  • SaaS is now an OPEX spend – not CAPEX. You can become the CFO’s new best friend if you have the ability to tightly control expenditure that is impacting the bottom line of a Profit & Loss sheet.

Software Asset Management Consultant role:

SAM Charter is ideally placed to guide an organisation as far along the SAM maturity curve as they need. If a design-only exercise is required, then we are well placed to provide a “whole ship” analysis of the systems engaged, and the personnel required at every step of every process.

“Spot welding” is a particularly popular engagement path; with many clients looking to address their request, procurement and deployment processes, thereby providing their organisation with immunity from the pitfalls that ship with The Bermuda Triangle of SAM.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Are you considering automating your SAM processes? We can help – a baselining of where you are, and the work you need to undertake to get to a point of automation is a maturity assessment away from being complete.

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