Benefits of Software Asset Management Training You Should Know

Software asset management is one of the most important parts of any organisation and the IT department can get extremely dependent on it. It can consist of anything up to 25% of the total budget that the team incurs. Hence, the importance of software... Continue Reading

Coming to a Job Description near you: Cloud Asset Manager

Cloud Asset Manager – A New role for ITAM? I recently published a blog on LinkedIn (which you can find here) where I spoke about the IT Asset Management Skills shortage and whether it’s a bigger problem than we think. I had some positive feedbac... Continue Reading

Success is a culture; not a vacancy

Introduction I’ve noticed over the last 12-18 months a trend within the job market to slip the word “success” into someone’s job title, and this led me to comment in a WhatsApp group concerning a particular appointment that was pos... Continue Reading

SAM Charter Process Kit

SAM Process Kit – Introduction: It’s been a while since I put pen to paper in respect of the process kit, so I thought it would be worthwhile jotting down a few notes to let you know what’s changed, and what changes are coming! SAM Proces... Continue Reading
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